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Case Studies

We understand that each business has its own unique requirements and processes, and we work closely with you to determine your particular needs. We can provide self-contained solutions or we can work as part of your team, adapting to your own methodology.

Cloud Implementation

Industry: Telecommunications, Retail

This telecommunications company needed a more agile, flexible, and scalable platform on which to build new applications in order to improve time-to-market and deliver a superior customer experience. A key aspect of this entailed moving to the cloud.

System Transformation

Industry: Banking & Finance

 The technology platform for a fraud case management system had become dated. It was difficult to maintain, challenging to scale in response to continued growth, and lacked the flexibility to conform to constantly changing security policies.

Property Management System

Industry: Real Estate

The Baker Property Management System (PMS) includes a Java-based server, an iOS-based sales app for Baker sales agents, and two front-end web applications: one for Baker administrators and Baker agents, and one for external real estate agents.                 

Big Data Framework

Industry: Banking & Finance

This financial institution had started a big data implementation in-house but wanted to migrate it to the cloud to improve productivity, time-to-market, performance, and costs.