Qualicom Innovations Inc.

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Core Values


Our business is built on integrity—an attribute we value highly in both our staff and our partners. We respect the intellectual property rights of the technologies we use and we operate in accordance with the spirit, not just the letter, of the contracts we sign.


We embrace the value and strength of cultural diversity. We respect all cultures and every individual, appreciating them for their skills and providing equal opportunities for growth.

Continuous learning and innovation

We embrace change, from technology to business models to the dynamic needs of our clients. To be successful in this requires that we continually enhance our skills and share that knowledge among our technical staff. Our investment in R&D enables staff to hone their skills in leading-edge areas and to contribute fresh and creative ideas when they transition back to a client team.

Social and environmental responsibility

We implement and practice waste management protocols wherever possible, including the provision of recycling and composting facilities and a paperless environment. We have made a practice of donating a portion of our profits to certain non-profit organizations. In recent years, these have included: