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Modernize back-office operations

The Results

Shift to on-demand IaaS for better cost efficiency through pay-per-use pricing and available free-tier usage of cloud resources in Google Cloud

Accelerate development time through Infrastructure as Code (IaC), automated build and deployment

Improve flexibility and scalability of back-office batch data processing

Modernize to up the game

The retailer appreciated how Qualicom led the design and implementation of the cloud-native solution. Our Qualicom consultants aimed to up the game to build new capability for the retailer in a new landing zone on Google Cloud that provides the flexibility, security, reliability, and scalability support needed for the future. We made decision jointly to take advantage of pay-per-use pricing and available free-tier usage in Google Cloud for better cost efficiency by implementing batch data processing using Cloud Functions, Dataflow, and Cloud Scheduler.


Qualicom DevOps engineers also helped them to:

  • Manage Google Cloud infrastructure with custom IAM service accounts and permissions
  • Develop Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with automated build and deployment
  • Create real-time monitoring and alerts


Building cloud-native solution on Google Cloud gave them the ability to analyze and adjust their capacity needs dynamically. If the retailer needs to support more or less shipping couriers data processing, they are able to scale up/down their cloud resources according to the business need. That means they are well equipped with the tools to make these changes on Google Cloud whenever they are ready, and be cost efficient without sacrificing performance or reliability.

About the Customer

A world-leading communications technology company spanning wireless, data, IP, voice, television, video, entertainment, and security

Industry: Telecommunications
Region: North America

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