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Qualicom Innovations Inc. is a proud Google Cloud partner helping businesses to accelerate their cloud journey with confidence and empower them to harness the power of Google Cloud.


Our partnership with Google Cloud enables our clients to take advantage of Google Cloud platform a robust cloud computing service in their digital transformation journey for Innovation, Agility, Adaptability, Resilience and Growth. 


We have a team of certified Google Cloud professionals to help you in modernizing your business-critical applications with smart cloud-powered solutions that support the acceleration of sustainable and innovative business outcomes.


Redefine the way you operate and innovate as a business with our best suited Google Cloud solutions.

Our Service Offerings

Qualicom has a few offerings on Google Cloud. They can be applied separately or combined. We provide a consulting service and work closely with customers to recommend the best approach.

Our Methodology

Case Studies

Cloud Build
Sales channel partner portal transformation
#Migration, #Modernization, #CloudNative, #DevOps, #Monitoring, #DigitalTransformation
Telecom improved services by building API integration environment on Google Cloud 

#DevOps, #CloudNative, #Moderization, #APIFirst, #Agile, #DigitalTransformation

Modernize back-office operations

#Modernization, #CloudNative, #DevOps, #Monitoring

Opportunity to innovate and capitalize on power of hybrid cloud

#DigitalTransformation, #CloudNative, #DevOps #HybridCloud