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Google Cloud Partner

Qualicom Innovations Inc. is a proud Google Cloud partner helping businesses to accelerate their cloud journey with confidence and empower them to harness the power of Google Cloud.


Our partnership with Google Cloud enables our clients to take advantage of Google Cloud platform a robust cloud computing service in their digital transformation journey for Innovation, Agility, Adaptability, Resilience and Growth. 


We have a team of certified Google Cloud professionals to help you in modernizing your business-critical applications with smart cloud-powered solutions that support the acceleration of sustainable and innovative business outcomes.


Redefine the way you operate and innovate as a business with our best suited Google Cloud solutions.

Our Service Offerings

Qualicom has a few offerings on Google Cloud. They can be applied separately or combined. We provide a consulting service and work closely with customers to recommend the best approach.

Our Methodology

Case Studies

Sales channel partner portal transformation
#Migration, #Modernization, #CloudNative, #DevOps, #Monitoring, #DigitalTransformation
Telecom improved services by building API integration environment on Google Cloud 

#DevOps, #CloudNative, #Moderization, #APIFirst, #Agile, #DigitalTransformation

Modernize back-office operations

#Modernization, #CloudNative, #DevOps, #Monitoring

Opportunity to innovate and capitalize on power of hybrid cloud

#DigitalTransformation, #CloudNative, #DevOps #HybridCloud

Cloud Native Development

Take full advantage of cloud 

A tailored solution from the ground up can leverage cloud services in their fullness. Our Google Cloud professional certified staff have the knowledge and experience in Google Cloud to help design and develop custom-built software that is robust and efficient to operate. Our attention to details and experience in full cycle development will help cover all aspects of a system.


Small/medium businesses can benefit from cloud 

It is not just high-volume activity from large corporations can take advantage of cloud. With flexible billing from Google Cloud, even small or medium-sized businesses can see benefits to put their solutions on cloud. We can help the business to onboard Google Cloud and develop economic solutions to suit their needs.

Serverless is marvelous 

Hardware can take a long time to provision and is prone to failure. Serverless services on Google Cloud such as Cloud Functions and Cloud Run can help eliminate them from the equation. That empowers the team to be more focused on delivering business value.

Application Modernization

Acceleration to Cloud

Qualicom has expertise on Google Cloud to help you fast track the adaptation of the cloud platform. We have the experience from lifting-and-shifting to redesigning existing applications for the cloud platform. We can help plan and execute according to your need. Combined with our DevOps offerings, we can help you transfer or transform your system to cloud in a predictable and manageable manner.



Some workloads may not carry enough value to be modified for a modern cloud service like GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine). These can still benefit from the cloud using the lift-and-shift approach. Qualicom has helped customers to transfer WebLogic workloads from on-premises data center to a group of Compute Engine VMs which bring the cloud benefits without touching any existing code.


Migrating workloads by containerizing

A stateless workload can be a great candidate to be packaged as a container and be deployed in GKE or Cloud Run. The flexibility of these services enables the application to be self-healing and be scaled automatically.


Development and support background translate to robust operation

Qualicom has decades of experience in software development and support. These allow us to seamlessly adapt DevOps by applying our practical knowledge, especially in a Google Cloud where hardware is taken care of by Google. We understand the underlying technology and can recommend software design to improve observability and stability. Our experience with the entire Operation Suites on Google Cloud and some third-party tools, helps our customers to operate & support their system on the Google Cloud.


CI/CD and automated testing

Qualicom’s development background enriches our scripting capabilities. This proves to be immensely helpful when creating CI/CD pipeline with automated testing. Our strong scripting skills also help build flexible CI/CD pipelines and incorporate any testing frameworks in them.


Monitoring and alerts

Google Cloud Operation Suites equipped with excellent monitoring and alerting services. Qualicom understands the importance of monitoring in a system and has the knowledge to improve system observabilities by leveraging open-source framework such Open Telemetry and Google Cloud SDK (software development kit). Also, Qualicom often combines Google Cloud services with third-party tools  to extend capabilities beyond Google Cloud offering to help operation and support. 


Cost control

Qualicom’s DevOps offering go beyond integration and delivery. For instance, we use our superb scripting skills to create a scheduled pipeline to regularly scale down GKE deployment in non-production environments. This drastically reduces the costs of operation for a customer.


Database Management

Qualicom has experience with a lot of systems that require databases. We understand the pain of managing database schema between projects and in different environments. Therefore, we leverage open-source libraries like Flyway to create deployment pipeline for database changes.